My Daughter's Eyes

My Daughter's Eyes
The window to a beautiful soul!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random Thoughts....

My feet stink. I hate these leather slip on shoes because they got wet once and now they smell anytime I wear them. No, my feet don't typically stink or sweat for that matter. I swear, it's the leather in the shoes that makes them do this! GAG! Hope no one in the cubicles near by can smell them.... more Exotic Coconut lotion to cover it up! Ah.... much better! Opps, everyone that walks by is asking if I just got back from the beach! ;o) hahaha

So I'm a little bit miffed that Bachelor Andy kicked Danielle to the curb. Seriously, she was the one that he said fit him in the areas of family and morals. But no, he keeps Tessa who is doing a bang up job of playing hard to get and stringing Andy along; and he keeps Bevin because he has chemistry with her, but she has some major issues brewing below the surface I think. If I have to guess which one he chooses at the finale, it's going to be Tessa. Something about her... I just don't like, all that stand-off-ish-ness is just too cold for me. I was hoping it would have been Danielle. Yes, I know that there are hours of footage on some over-paid editor's floor that could probably explain why he chose the girls he did, but.... we will never see that footage so I am basing my opinion on what we were shown.

Hemorrhoids suck! Nuf said! Oh, and my last remaining wisdom tooth is trying to break through...yippy!

Will my daughter ever really know how much I love her? How my heart aches and bursts all at the same time when she laughs? She is such a wonderful person already. She makes me laugh all the time. Life is so much brighter through her eyes!

Dude! Shrek 3 hits theaters this weekend! I might be even more excited than my daughter is! Heeeellllloooooo? Why do you think people have kids? So they can see animated movies guilt free! Yeah, she's my cover story.

And I cannot wait to see the third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean! Orlando Bloom is yummy eye candy! Summer movies ROCK!

Tylenol PM is the BOMB! Allows me to sleep each and every night pain free! Amen!

Now, I'm off to snag another Diet Coke...

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