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My Daughter's Eyes
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Spring/Summer Fever is upon me. I know this for several reasons as my mind flits from here to there planning all the Spring and Summer activities.

I sit here at my desk, suppose to be working on something else, and all I can think about is taking my daughter to Big Kahuna's water park this weekend!! She has been begging me to take her since they opened two weekends ago and I even bought us season passes this year. I look forward to lounging by the pool, watching her play on the slides with the other children, and just enjoying the peacefulness that water brings. Plus, I've stocked up on the SPF 50 so I am ready for the sun....bring it on!

I have also been urging myself to perform a much needed Springtime PURGING. This requires lots of energy, time, cleaning out closets, organizing, etc... Just thinking about it tires me out! I don't know how I'm ever going to actually do it but it absolutely needs to be done. Is it wrong to be envious of other people's OCD? Is it wrong to ask Dooce to vacation in FL just to help me clean my house? It wouldn't be taking advantage of her OCD if I take her daughter to the park to play with my would be a trade off! ;o)

I do have to mention that I am truly grateful for the beauty that I live in every day. Every time I drive over the bridges to Okaloosa Island and Destin, the scene still takes my breath away. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

This is my friend's son on the beach in December. I shot some pictures of the two of them for their Christmas cards. Isn't the emerald green waters gorgeous?

I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the blue skies and the torquiose waters of my hometown this year.

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Becca said...

What a beautiful blog you have! You sound like a great mom! Keep up the good work! Life is not always what I wanted it to be, nor is it always perfect, but I have learned to make the most of it. I am so glad to see new faces stopping by my blog! Thank you and have a great day!