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My Daughter's Eyes
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I am blessed!

Now that the big day is over and I'm not quite so moody....I'll admit that it was a good day. My family called me throughout the day with birthday wishes or song to deliver. Friends emailed, texted messaged or called as well. I'm blessed to be surrounded by love. Two of my girlfriends took me to lunch. Sydni and I went to dinner last night, my choice, so I had sushi...she had teriyaki chicken. Then we went home and baked a strawberry birthday cake.....'cause it's my favorite. My neighbor and his son came over and helped decorate the cake, complete with 3 candles (cause I didn't want to burn the place down with 35!) and they sang to me. Then we gobbled up some cake! A good day for sure.

Life goes on, I'm older, wiser and determined to learn from mistakes, pick myself up, dust off and move on. My biggest goal this year, really is to learn how to love myself. I truly have a lot of love to give but never seem to point it in my own direction. Why is that? Are women just made that way, to curb their own wants, desires, dreams to NUTURE those they love and are in charge of? I know there has to be women out there that can do it all. Any advice on how to take care of daily responsibilities and still love yourself and take care of yourself?

I've been reading this site for a while now and she really inspires me that I can learn to juggle all that life throws me. Her family and stories are food for the soul. Thank you Dooce for that!

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