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My Daughter's Eyes
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hillbillies on Parade

What a great trip! I brought back lots of inspiration from my time on the road and visiting with family. I realized how much family means to my entire family. No matter what dramas might be swirling in their lives, they come together with love in their hearts and they do not drag each other down but lift each other up. What a comfort it was to be around that kind of love and positive attitude.
We ate a great dinner of BBQ with all the sides and desserts you could imagine. We sang, played or listened to the music made by our families. The kids swam in the pool to beat the heat. It was a successful reunion. This is my daughter in the pool.
My granny on guitar and a cousin on banjo....told you we were hillbillies! hahaha
The highlight for me had to be looking through the scrapbook that one of my cousins has lovingly put together of our families beginning back in the late 1800's. It was another inspiration for me. I have had intentions of gathering all of the old family photos and putting them in my own scrapbook to preserve our stories and history. Now, the fire has been stoked to get the book completed. It was so awesome to look through her book and see my great grandmother on her wedding day and my grandmother at age beautiful! This picture shows my granny and her sisters.
Here are a few photos of my "hillbilly" family reunion.
This is some of my granny's neices. Lots of love in their hearts!There's my granny playing guitar.
Me... ain't I purty?
It was a good trip but alot of driving from Florida to Missouri! I'm exhausted. Off to bed.

PS Happy Birthday, Daddy! I love you!

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What a great trip! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the wonderful comment.